1.     jim. delicious. lol. might be cute. dimples. 
2.     badminton. orange. heavy. engineer. watermelon. 
3.     glasses. black. t-shirt. might be honest. woodwork.
4.     photoshop. computers. internet. shoes. chua. 
5.     straight. real estate. might be handsome. sports. hairy. 
6.     snooker. twitter. jeans. gadgets. graphics. 
7.     hardworking. outdoors. headphones. logic. music.  
8.     apples. spiky hair. nikes. drums. mechanical. 
9.     blue. laptops. blog. photography. han. 
10.    pool. shorts. automobiles. facebook. jim. 
11.    efficiency, rigs, downtimes, uptimes, civilisation, footie. 

50 and counting possibly truthful traits. at the end of the day, it is still up to you yeah? :D

"renovatio" is not a renovation typo
lah. lol. in Latin, renovatio means rebirth. and zero literally means nothing. hence, zero renovatio  essentially means zero rebirth. :)

cheers with love,

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