Thursday, December 15, 2011

DIY bean bag

So the house finally bought a bean bag. Due to exxagerated prices, we huffed and puffed and found some online hints stating that making the bean bag yourselves can save heaps of cash. And so we did. We manage to get everything off Jusco Maluri but I bought the last bags of beans (they call it styrofoam beads). Loads of bags still there though.

DIY bean bag:

1. The bean bag: MYR 49.90.
(Size wise, it is quite huge considering after putting my huge ass I still can have armrests. 

2. Beans (styrofoam beads): 2 packs in 1 @ MYR 11.90. 
According to the promoter (or glamour a bit sales executive lah, she said 5 packs will be just nice but it depends on how you like your ass to be seated. At that time, there were only 4 packs left so we grabbed all and swore to come back to get another 1 or 2 packs. lol). I really do need the 1 or 2 packs now because ze bag zes znot beanie enough!

So all you have to do is just funnel them beads into the bag. As easy as that. 

(And spray some perfume on it because the styrofoam smells like crap).

(it really does like like a piece of shit this one right?) 

Wahlah, a huge ass place just for you, at around 50% of the prices sold online. 

Total paid for a nice ass place: MYR 109.40.


Sarsir said...

Is it RM200 for the retail bean bag price???!! that's freaking expensive!! in UK the price (for the big like a sofa that you can baring on it) is only £19.99 which is cheaper than your DIY bean bag!

Jim said...

300 i think. bro, uk is uk lah. malaysia is malaysia lah.